VJ Exhibition  Manipulating music and 3D rendered videos to form an exhibition.  Programmes involved cinema 4D,  After Effects and VDMX5.  Credit: All members who participated.
 National Grid  Find a solution for National Grid to engage their services and communication with the general public.  My solution was to promote National Grid’s activities, comparing them with public daily activities. Showing that National Grid does similar things to the public and part of the community too.
  A collaborate project investigating a specific social issue for the Critical Mass article.   We explored the ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ by Maslow’s theory (1954) and compared it with today’s changes in 2014.   More info:  http://issuu.com/tzrallis/docs/critical_mass    Credit: Collaboration with Chris Ong, Damion Robinson, Jack Sheppard, UAL &  Occupied Times
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